What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?


Lab-grown diamonds are visually identical to natural diamonds, making them indistinguishable to the naked eye.


Lab-grown diamonds, distinct from simulants, originate from rough crystals and typically require an average of 2–4 weeks for formation.


Distinguishing lab-grown diamonds from natural ones requires advanced instruments capable of detecting specific physical characteristics




Our Lab-Grown Diamonds are conflict-free, and sourced through suppliers who follow the highest ethical standards. 

14k Solid Gold

Our 14k gold is affordable and the most popular choice for everyday wear due to its durability and resistance to scratches. It is hard due to the higher percentages of alloys used.

Where do lab-grown diamonds come from?

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as man-made diamonds, lab diamonds, and lab-created diamonds, are produced in laboratories. Scientists start with a diamond seed and expose it to temperatures and pressures in a controlled environment within a reactor or growth chamber to simulate natural diamond growth underground. The carbon coating facilitates the crystallization of the seed, resulting in a lab-grown diamond.

Are lab-grown diamonds real?

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds. They are made up of a single element, carbon, just as their natural counterparts and have the same optical and physical properties.

Why choose a lab-grown diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds offer an eco-friendly and ethically sourced alternative to mined diamonds. Moreover, lab-grown diamonds offer a budget-friendly option, allowing you to enjoy a larger carat weight at a lower price compared to mined diamonds.

Are lab-grown diamonds better than natural diamonds? How are they different?

There isn't a definitive "better" choice; it depends on what you’re going for. Lab-grown diamonds offer a larger carat weight at a lower price, grown in a controlled environment. Natural diamonds, on the other hand, are the works of nature.

The core difference is their origin.


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